Why We Do What We Do

These personal stories from students at Jesuit institutions throughout the country are representative of the success of federal student aid programs. Click below for select examples from a small group of schools. Each AJCU institution is proud to host hundreds of students receiving financial aid.

Success Stories

Like many students, I depend on the Cal Grant in order to attend college. I do not take my education lightly, and have been on the Dean's Honor roll the past two semesters. Last semester I took 20 units in order to further my education and graduate on time, and I will continue to sacrifice my time and efforts to foster my learning. I am a Fine Arts Major, with a double minor of Communications and Gender and Sexuality studies. As you can gather, I love learning and want to continue to have the opportunity to do so. I do not take for granted the financial aid I receive, and truly apply it directly to my schooling. I feel incredibly lucky to have the financial means mixed with my determination to do well in life.

This is not how every young person feels. I grew up in Monterey Park, California before I moved to an area with a better schooling system. My friends from Monterey Park all attend East Los Angeles City College part time, and take whatever classes that are available, usually none of which apply to a field that they wish to pursue a career in. My best friend, who is 20, has a one year old son, has told me time and time again how truly lucky I am to have the opportunity to attend USF. She works full time at Baskin Robbins and takes one sign language class a week at ELAC. Not everyone has the opportunity to study at a school like USF, and I do not take this fact lightly.

Without the Cal Grant, I too may have had to attend East Los Angeles City College. In high school I worked full time as a sales associate at American Apparel, and would usually get home at 11 pm and start my homework I balanced a 40 hour work-week with school work my senior year, all in the hopes that the money I earned would pay for college. My mother, a full time school district health filer, takes several side jobs of caring for various people's pets while they go on vacation, as well as selling tickets for high school basketball games, and reading the SATs on Saturdays in order to help me pay for school. With my money from work and my mother's contributions, we still can hardly cover a fraction of my education.

My story and struggles as a young student are not unique, but I hope that from knowing what I sacrifice in order to attend USF, [CA legislators] will protect the Cal Grant Funding. There are so many of us that fight profusely for this chance to better ourselves, and in turn, better the world. I chose to go to USF when I first read their Mission Statement, and I want to do them justice and continue to strive for the vision of producing minds for a more just and humane world. [CA legislators] have the means to make this goal a reality. – Chelsea Javier