This conference consists of service-learning professionals at all 28 Jesuit colleges and universities in the United States. A bi-annual meeting is held at one of the AJCU campuses. Throughout the year, the group maintains an active dialogue about service learning policies and procedures on Jesuit campuses via AJCU listserv.

The 2019 AJCU Service-Learning Professionals meeting will be held at the College of the Holy Cross on June 25-27. Click here to download a draft agenda. The registration fee for this meeting will be $95 per person. On-campus lodging will be $50 per night per single room and $60 per night per double room. (Local hotels are currently around $200 per night that week.) Online registration will be available by the end of this semester.


Chair: Kim Jensen Bohat, Marquette University
Phone: (414) 288-0250

Vice Chair: Michelle Sterk Barrett,
College of the Holy Cross
Phone: (508) 793-3006

Treasurer / Secretary: Sean Rhiney, Xavier University
Phone: (513) 745-3968

Next Conference

Location: College of the Holy Cross
Dates: June 25-27, 2019

Click here to register online.