Why We Do What We Do

These personal stories from students at Jesuit institutions throughout the country are representative of the success of federal student aid programs. Click below for select examples from a small group of schools. Each AJCU institution is proud to host hundreds of students receiving financial aid.

Success Stories

Anna Hummel once predicted the future. On a visit to Regis University, the then high school senior, told her mother that Regis was the school she would end up attending. It was the first school they’d visited, and the price tag was well out of range, so Anna’s mother encouraged her not to make a decision until they’d finished their college circuit.

But something about Regis felt right. The sense of community. The small size, ensuring she would be more than just a number. The strong academic reputation. And the feeling that she might finally have the opportunity to come home. Anna and her family had moved from Colorado to Kansas seven years earlier, but Anna had never forgotten the dry climate, the sunshine and the ever-present mountains.

Regis was the perfect fit for her. There was only one problem. As the child of a single mother, there was no way she could afford it. So, despite good grades and high motivation, she expected to end up at the local community college. That all changed when she was awarded a Pell Grant.

The Pell Grant gave Anna the opportunity to come home. “I wouldn’t be at Regis if it wasn’t for the Pell,” Anna says. “I am so grateful.”

The Pell Grant provided Anna with the opportunity to succeed. She’d always been interested in the human mind. Desired to understand people. Wanted to know what made them tick, what motivated them to act. That desire, a strong inclination toward science and a certain well-known television series, got Anna interested in the field of forensics. Today she is studying for a double major in psychology and sociology with a minor in criminology.

The Pell Grant provided Anna with the opportunity to serve. “Regis encourages students to help people in their communities. Helping people is a big part of what I want to do,” she says. “Service to the community is also one of the ways students pay back grants and other scholarships.”

A semester and a half into college has confirmed that Regis is where Anna was meant to be. She feels so fortunate to have been given the chance. “There are so many students out there who need these grants,” she says. “Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to pay for college and right now jobs are really hard to come by. I’m very blessed.”

Anna Hummel once predicted the future. That prediction was realized by way of the Pell Grant, and as a result, Anna’s future has never looked brighter.