Jesuit Colleges & Universities to Students: Peaceful Protests Will Not Impact Admission

Across the nation, thousands of high school students are participating in peaceful walk-outs and protests for gun control legislation. As these walk-outs are occurring during college admissions season, many institutions have issued statements on their websites or social media assuring applicants that their participation in such protests will not affect their admission. The following statements come from Jesuit colleges and universities:

LOYOLA UNIVERSITY MARYLAND: "As a Jesuit, Catholic university committed to working toward justice in our world, we encourage & challenge our students to advocate for positive change. We will not penalize any student or prospective student for peacefully protesting regarding gun violence in schools."

LOYOLA UNIVERSITY NEW ORLEANS: "To students who worry about disciplinary action for peaceful protests, Loyola University New Orleans will not let that impact your admissions decision. We stand with you."

MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY: "Marquette University supports peaceful free expression of beliefs. If a student receives disciplinary actions for peaceful protests, it will not affect your admission to Marquette."

REGIS UNIVERSITY: "Disciplinary action as a result of peaceful protest and student advocacy will not hinder your admission / enrollment to Regis University."

ROCKHURST UNIVERSITY: "Because the Rockhurst University mission and values encourage the pursuit of academic inquiry, service and social justice, applicants and admitted students will not be penalized as the result of any disciplinary action by their high school resulting from lawful, peaceful protests organized to make a stand regarding critical societal issues."

SAINT JOSEPH'S UNIVERSITY: "Engaged citizenship, along with care and concern for the global community, are values central to a Saint Joseph’s University education. To that end, acceptance to SJU will not be withheld from students who exercise their right to peaceful protest."

SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY: "Congruent with Saint Louis University’s practice during those social movements lived by past generations, new Billikens’ admission to the University will not be impacted if they report high school disciplinary actions resulting from exercising their first amendment right to peaceably assemble. Further, Saint Louis University is undertaking the necessary steps to write this practice into our formal policy."

SANTA CLARA UNIVERSITY: "Santa Clara has always provided all applicants an opportunity to explain a disciplinary infraction and carefully considers all contexts they provide. Participation in peaceful and lawful activism or protests would not be a reason for the Santa Clara University Admissions Committee to deny or rescind an offer of admission."

SEATTLE UNIVERSITY: "To the Seattle University Class of 2022 and all future Redhawks: If you’re worried about a disciplinary action as a result of a peaceful protest, know that your admission to Seattle U won’t be impacted if you report it to us."

SPRING HILL COLLEGE: "Spring Hill College believes in empowering students to become men and women in service for others. In this Jesuit tradition, we support and applaud those wishing to exercise their freedom of expression through thoughtful participation in peaceful, lawful protests and activism. We stand with a multitude of colleges and universities in stating that partaking in such activities will in no way jeopardize your admission to Spring Hill, even if you are disciplined or suspended. Speak your truth."

UNIVERSITY OF DETROIT MERCY: "The University of Detroit Mercy empowers students to become people of purpose. Based on our Jesuit and Mercy traditions, we support those who exercise freedom of expression via participation in peaceful activism. Your peaceful participation will never hinder your admission or enrollment at Detroit Mercy."

UNIVERSITY OF SAN FRANCISCO: "The University of San Francisco is deeply rooted in the Jesuit tradition of social responsibility and guiding students to become engaged citizens who take seriously how and who they choose to be in the world. We encourage all of our students to find their voice, and use it for a greater common good – to be people for and with others. Our applicants can be assured that USF will NOT rescind any admission decision of applicants who choose to protest peacefully against gun violence, regardless of whether that action is contrary to their high school’s disciplinary policy."

UNIVERSITY OF SCRANTON: "The University of Scranton commends students who are standing together and speaking out against gun violence. In light of national plans for a student walk-out to protest gun violence, know that any disciplinary action resulting from participating in peaceful and lawful protests will not affect your admissions decision at Scranton, as our Jesuit, Catholic university values your voice."

XAVIER UNIVERSITY: "Xavier University applauds students who lawfully and thoughtfully act in solidarity with those who are hurting or marginalized."

BOSTON COLLEGE: "Boston College commends the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. They have inspired high school students nationwide to remind us that safety, freedom, and peace are essential in all educational settings. Applicants to Boston College who respectfully speak and act in support of these principles will not be penalized in the admission process."

CANISIUS COLLEGE: "Canisius College joins colleges and universities across the nation in supporting students who exercise their freedom of expression through peaceful activism and protest. In the Jesuit tradition of being 'men and women for and with others,' we foster in our students a commitment to service and leadership and respect the decision of all students to participate in active citizenship. Canisius will not penalize applicants nor admitted students who are disciplined by their high school when they engage in peaceful, lawful protest and activism."

COLLEGE OF THE HOLY CROSS: "Holy Cross seeks to build a community marked by freedom, mutual respect, and civility. We support students who stand up for their beliefs, and applicants who participate in peaceful protests will not be jeopardized by disciplinary action."

CREIGHTON UNIVERSITY: "As a Catholic, Jesuit university, Creighton University encourages students to be aware of important social justice issues facing society today and actively participate in the conversation. For students who take part in peaceful protests on issues that are important to them, there will be no admissions ramifications."

FAIRFIELD UNIVERSITY: "Fairfield University joins colleges and universities around the country in mourning the victims of the tragic shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. We also extend our admiration and support to the students who are channeling their grief at the loss of their teachers and classmates into constructive dialogue and action. Applicants to Fairfield University who engage in peaceful and respectful action in support of the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School will not be penalized in the admission process for doing so."

FORDHAM UNIVERSITY: "The University stands with current Fordham students who demonstrate against this horrific violence. In addition, participation in peaceful demonstrations will have no adverse effect on admission decisions for students who apply to Fordham."

GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY: "We provide all applicants an opportunity to elaborate on any disciplinary infraction and carefully consider all context they provide. Participation in a peaceful protest will not negatively impact admission to Georgetown."

GONZAGA UNIVERSITY: "Gonzaga University has a long tradition of supporting and celebrating activism on the part of its students, faculty and staff. We will not penalize applicants nor admitted students whose peaceful & lawful activism are the direct cause of disciplinary action by their high school."

JOHN CARROLL UNIVERSITY: "Committed to the Jesuit tradition of being men and women for and with others, John Carroll University empowers students with a strong sense of social responsibility and inspires individuals to engage the world. For those students who seek to be agents of positive change through peaceful and lawful demonstrations, we will not deny or rescind an offer of admission to you."

LE MOYNE COLLEGE: "In keeping with the mission of Le Moyne College, to prepare its students for leadership and service in the promotion of a more just society, we support those who peacefully and lawfully exercise their First Amendment rights by standing up for the safety and dignity of others. Admission to Le Moyne will not be negatively impacted by the reporting of punitive treatment for peaceful protest and the right to assemble."

LOYOLA MARYMOUNT UNIVERSITY: "In the Jesuit tradition of living as women and men for and with others, Loyola Marymount University commends students who exercise their freedom of expression through peaceful activism and protest. We join colleges and universities across the United States in supporting students who stand in solidarity regarding matters of conscience. LMU will not penalize applicants nor admitted students who are disciplined by their high school when they engage in peaceful, lawful protest and activism."

LOYOLA UNIVERSITY CHICAGO: "We will not penalize nor rescind any admission decision for applicants who choose to protest peacefully against gun violence, even if contrary to their high school's disciplinary policy."




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