Seattle University Sends Student Delegation to MAGIS & World Youth Day

Information contributed by Dean Forbes and JoAnn Lopez of Seattle University

Seattle University Delegation Departing for WYD & Magis (Photo by Seattle University)

Seattle University Delegation Departing for WYD & Magis (Photo by Seattle University)

For only the second time in its history, Seattle University (SU) is sending a delegation to World Youth Day (WYD) and MAGIS this summer in Poland. The participants (ten students, two alumni, one member of the Jesuit community and one campus minister) will experience the Church as a Global Church through meeting young adults from around the world to pray, share, and learn together.

World Youth Day and MAGIS provide an opportunity for participants to experience and live a faith that does justice through immersion, reflection, faith sharing, and worship with young adults from around the world. It is a concrete example of students bringing SU’s mission statement to life as they “become leaders for a just and humane world.”

The trip will also meet elements of both the University's and Campus Ministry’s Learning Outcomes (LO). MAGIS and WYD offer a unique global experience that will foster participants’ ability to be “prepared to encounter the world” (ULO1) and encourage them to be “engaged members of their global community” (ULO5).

Students will engage in multiple group experiences throughout their two-week stay in Krakow, Poland: In a group with members of the SU delegation; alongside those from other Jesuit institutions during MAGIS; and with young adults from around the world during WYD. Students will develop in their abilities and find tools to work successfully in teams, fostering their competency to be “empowered to make a difference” (ULO3).

This pilgrimage – from current formation, through the international trip, and concluding with post-trip formation – will feature numerous, varied opportunities for students to practice being “self-reflective in their pursuit of meaning and purpose” (ULO4) as they reflect on their relationship with the transcendent, and their connection and encounter with people of faith from around the world.

The SU contingent includes four students in the Chapel Choir; two students in the University Choir; two Resident Assistants; two nursing students; two first-year student government representatives; one Sullivan Scholar; and four students who will work in Campus Ministry as Student Campus Ministers next year. For more information on Campus Ministry at Seattle University, visit