Why We Do What We Do

These personal stories from students at Jesuit institutions throughout the country are representative of the success of federal student aid programs. Click below for select examples from a small group of schools. Each AJCU institution is proud to host hundreds of students receiving financial aid.

Success Stories

My name is Odell Brown. I am a junior here at John Carroll University and I will be the first person in my entire family to graduate from a four year university. Breaking the molds in my life and helping others do the same are my biggest passions, which embodies my decision to study English Education. My goal is to educate and inspire talented youth that will use their knowledge, character, and humanity to build a legacy of commitment and service to their community and profession. I know reaching one student will help others, and cultivate a legacy of mentorship. Teaching is my passion, English is the vehicle I will use to drive the next generation to be all they can be. I have truly been blessed with the opportunity to attend a private and prominent school like John Carroll University. The people I have met and the relationships I have formed are truly priceless. Seeing as to how my EFC is “0” financial aid is what got me into the door at John Carroll. Since I have been here, I have worked as a Tour Guide, recreation desk attendant, Intramural referee, Resident Assistant, and Orientation leader all in order to do my part in paying for my education. I am literally doing as much as I can right now. If the Pell Grant (or other aid) is substantially reduced there are no other viable venues I could pursue to both work and perform well as a full-time student. I need this grant in order to continue in my collegiate career.

Lino DeSapri II is a freshman planning to graduate in four years with a major in Middle Childhood Education. Lino's mom's job was in the mortgage lending business, she has been unemployed for two years. She is returning to school to complete a nursing degree. Dad did not show income for 2010, family adjusted gross income is $15,123. Lino expressed his need for federal and state aid (his PELL now at $5550. and OCOG at $1848.)He is certain he may not be able to attend JCU without this aid. He is a football player and resides in Concord, Ohio. He said he could possibly commute to JCU to help reduce cost but he's not sure that would be enough to compensate for the loss of this much needed federal and state aid. We could be losing a solid student and athlete. Late notice on the loss of this funding will be devestating to many of our students such as Lino.

Jennylee Gandarilla is from Bridgeport, CT – moved to Cleveland, Ohio in 2005. She became pregnant in her senior of high school. She was the first in her class to graduate after having a child. Jenny sought out JCU on her own to pursue her degree in Early Childhood Education. She is a junior and is 3 semesters away from graduating. It is the institutional aid and the federal aid that makes the JCU experience possible. Jennylee has also taken advantage of student employment. She is a valued and reliable employee of the Enrollment Division. Jennylee says could not attend any school without the institutional aid she receives here at JCU. She is not sure if she could even afford a public school if federal and state aid were both cut, or reduced. She is a single mother of a three year old boy with no parental support. She says she would probably have to work full-time and return to school once financially able, if that ever happened. She would definitely not be able to attend John Carroll.