Research-Based Multimedia Development and Graphic Design Services

JesuitNET Global uses proven research-based educational strategies to provide the highest quality in online learning while leveraging resources and lowering costs:

EXAMPLE 1: Each participating faculty member is supported by a design team to create high-quality learning experiences grounded in the latest research utilizing the most current technologies. Any course developed by the JesuitNET Global team can be used in a hybrid format, fully online, even as a MOOC course. Over ten years of student evaluations show the transformative nature of these produced courses. Over the past ten years, we have driven costs down all the while improving delivery strategies.

EXAMPLE 2: JesuitNET Global utilizes a project management approach that rivals industry elite course development at a cost plus 8% model. The system breaks the course into the individual elements and the process is monitored along the way to ensure on-time delivery of the highest quality education available online today. Output from our staff is over 200% that of competitive corporate rivals – all using mission-centric processes designed using the Ignatian paradigm. 

To find out more about Research-based Multimedia Development and Graphic Design Services, contact Cindy Bonfini-Hotlosz, CIO: