In addition to the strategic consulting and staff development described below, JesuitNET Global assists with multimedia development and maintains the Ignatian Collaboration Center.

Strategic Visioning and Infrastructure Consulting Services

JesuitNET Global offers the following strategic visioning and infrastructure consulting services:

  • Market analysis
  • Administrative, academic and IT infrastructure impact analysis
  • Marketing, recruiting and student services
  • Evaluation, recommendation and implementation of processes and procedures

The JesuitNET Global team customizes each strategic project to facilitate the development of a plan that best meets the goals of the institution. Examples include:

EXAMPLE 1: As an implementing partner with Jesuit Commons: Higher Education at Margins (JC:HEM), JesuitNET Global provided the site analysis of the proposed learning centers – conducting terrain and environmental studies to specify and procure two state-of-the art computer learning centers in refugee camps. JesuitNET Global secured donations from the employees of Microsoft to provide all of the software needed in the labs. JesuitNET Global trained and supports the IT representatives on location and brokers the relationship with IT needs as they surface.

JesuitNET Global has teamed with Microsoft to be a lead partner in the Multipoint Server systems used to scale the centers while maintaining costs. JesuitNET Global worked with Gonzaga University, University of San Francisco, Santa Clara University, John Carroll University, Georgetown University, Creighton University and Regis University to provide reusable technology (projectors, laptops, and software) to assist in equipping the remote learning centers. Find out more on the JC:HEM website.

EXAMPLE 2: JesuitNET Global provides after-hours technical support for Fordham University online programs, hosting an 800# that rings into the help desk during the day and provides coverage for calls outside of normal business hours.

EXAMPLE 3: JesuitNET Global hosts a streaming media server that is used by several institutions to deliver high-quality lectures for a variety of platforms. The server also serves as a backup to university-hosted solutions to provide critical redundancy should their internal systems fail.

EXAMPLE 4: JesuitNET Global served as system administrator for the Gonzaga Blackboard-hosted solution for online students for five years while building internal capacity to meet the needs of the online student.

EXAMPLE 5: JesuitNET Global worked with Gonzaga and Deltak to outline the processes and procedures for online marketing, recruiting, and admissions that many Jesuit institutions use today.  

EXAMPLE 6: JesuitNET Global is working with Gonzaga to assist in the creation of a Virtual Campus that will meet the needs of any technology-enhanced initiative at the university.

EXAMPLE 7: JesuitNET Global created and launched the marketing and admission strategy for several institutions as an alternative to using a third-party vendor. Using processes perfected over ten years of research in the online delivery arena, JesuitNET has shown remarkable success in launching, delivering, and protecting the assets of the institutions. 

Professional Development for Faculty/Staff

The JesuitNET Global team offers staff and faculty development to schools who wish to expand their own capabilities to support faculty teaching and learning and online course development and production, as well as training for admissions, recruiting and student services staff serving online students.

EXAMPLE 1: JesuitNET Global creates and delivers webinars to faculty, staff, and students for Fordham University and Gonzaga University. Past Webinars include Blackboard Updates, Utilizing Web 2.0 Tools, Inspiring Learning Online (also offered to Saint Joseph’s University in-person), and Developing Your Social Presence.

EXAMPLE 2: JesuitNET Global facilitated restructuring, redefining roles and expanding the administrative staff in the Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education at Fordham University to support their growing online programs.

To find out more about Professional Development for Faculty/Staff, contact Cindy Bonfini-Hotlosz, CIO: