Chair: Laurie Ann Britt-Smith, 
College of the Holy Cross
Phone: (508) 793-3681
Email: lbrittsm@holycross.edu

Next Conference

Location: TBD
Date: March 2019




The Jesuit Conference on Rhetoric & Composition (JCRC) seeks to promote the study of rhetoric and writing at Jesuit colleges and universities. Through a listserv, website and meetings, members work to realize the main goal of developing connections among rhetoric/writing teachers and programs at the 28 institutions.

Conference By-laws, Article II. Purpose
The purposes of this organization shall include (but not be limited to)

  • Promoting professional relationships among faculty at AJCU institutions whose teaching, research, and/or administrative works includes rhetoric and composition
  • Encouraging cross-institutional collaboration in scholarly, pedagogical and administrative work in issues relating to rhetoric and composition
  • Examining how the rhetorical tradition, Jesuit educational tradition and the Ignatian identity interact in contemporary Jesuit education
  • Exchanging institutional information among members to support the teaching of writing and rhetoric in Jesuit institutions