Why We Do What We Do

These personal stories from students at Jesuit institutions throughout the country are representative of the success of federal student aid programs. Click below for select examples from a small group of schools. Each AJCU institution is proud to host hundreds of students receiving financial aid.

Success Stories

Without the help of the Financial Aid program, I would not be able to attend Holy Cross and pursue my career goals to better my life and the lives of those in my household and community, The financial Aid program has opened a door of opportunity that would have otherwise been shut leaving myself and many others like me without the resources to further our education and progress in society. The loss of such program can not only affect the future of the individual dependent on financial aid but the future of our nation itself. – Jose Paz '12

I come from a lower class family and a first generation college future graduate due to financial assistance. My siblings were not able to attend colleges although they had the intellectual capacity to do so. I am a product of change and the realization of the American Dream to those in my community. What once was the child of two immigrant workers is not a student of one of the most prestigious colleges in the nation. As much as I would like to say that it was all due to personal academic success, it was not. I couldn't and will not be able to continue without the funds of financial aid. – Gabriel Fernandez

Federal student aid has been ESSENTIAL in enabling me to attend Holy Cross. My parents' combined annual net income is less than the total cost of tuition, room and board, and fees here at Holy Cross. I am heavily dependant upon Federal Financial aid and personal responsibility to maintain a GPA requisite for merit-based scholarship. I can't imagine having to leave Holy Cross because I can't afford it. I honestly don't know what I would do. Please take this into consideration before deciding to make any cuts to the budget. – Gregory H. Totino, '14

If I did not receive the aid that I have now, I would not be here at this prestigious college. My funding for next year is still in question, for if my financial aid is decreased in any way. I would not be able to be here where I have made myself a home and am getting an excellent education. – Olivia Benzan-Daniel, ‘14

I just wanted to reply in regards of the financial aid issue. There is no way I could have come to holy cross if I didn't receive the amazing financial aid package I did. My family could Not afford to send me here. I am getting such a great education that wouldn't had been possible without the federal funding. – Emely Ventura

I come from a single parent home, and it would have been impossible for me to come to Holy Cross if federal funding had not been in place. My mother cannot work, and attending school is vital to my success. – Quinesha Tillman

My attendance at this college is completely dependent upon federal funding. Holy Cross has many great opportunities, but I would not have been able to be a part of any of them without federal aid. Tuition is extremely expensive and we just cannot afford to go here without aid. It would be a terrible experience if I had to transfer for my final year at Holy Cross. This school has given me so much, and all of that would go to waste if I were not able to graduate with a Holy Cross degree next year. Unfortunately, without aid, my prospects of graduating from Holy Cross will be gone. – Chad Desharnais

Simply put, without federal funding I would not be here at Holy Cross. But, to expand on that federal funding has helped me in a number of different ways:

  1. Federal Loans are interest-free. Students do not want to be saddle with debt after graduations, especially for those like myself who plan on going onto graduate school.
  2. Federal Grants. Same idea as reason #1.
  3. I have a Clavius Scholarship for studying chemistry at the College. I believe the Scholarship is from the NIH, which is an agency of the government. More importantly, there is a general interest for the nation to push people to study math and the physical sciences. Federal funding is an attractive way to help push people toward that path. Better example is that the government would pay for anyone's tuition and give them a stipend if they pursue a degree in the sciences and do research.

– Kevin Le '12

As a first-generation, only child of a single mother living on an annual income of less than $13,000, I am grateful every day for the federal funding that has made it possible for me to attend and be a proud student at the College of the Holy Cross. I live about 15 minutes north of Boston and went to a great public school that allowed me to come face to face with all types of diversity from the people I've met to the experiences I've gained. Coming from a pretty urban area and struggling with our financial strains, I considered it lucky to have such a unique and beneficial high school experience. I wanted to bring those experiences to Holy Cross, and to further expand them here. It's only possible for me to do so with the help of federal funding, so if these funds were cut, I'm sure mine and many other students' opportunities at such a great school will also be taken away. – Ginny Do ‘13