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The AJCU Finance Officers Conference meets annually and communicates regularly through an active AJCU listserv. At their annual meeting, attendees are given the opportunity to share ideas and information through panel and round-table discussions, utilizing a mix of industry experts and institutional representatives to bridge the theoretical and conceptual with real world practical application. Past topics discussed at the annual meeting have included public finance issues; accounting and auditing standards updates; endowment spending and asset allocation strategies; and, collaboration amongst Jesuit colleges and universities.

The AJCU Longview Collaboration system can be accessed at ajcu2.lvcloud.com. Please contact Patrick Hogan at Loyola Marymount University (patrick.hogan@lmu.edu) to request an account for the AJCU Longview system.


Host: John Burke, Boston College
Phone: (617) 552-3387
E-mail: ajcu2019-ggroup@bc.edu

Next Conference

Location: Boston College
Dates: April 24-26, 2019

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This meeting will be held in conjunction with the AJCU General Counsels Conference.