For over 15 years, the Jesuit Criminal Justice Educators Association has provided a forum for collaboration surrounding program development, assessment, faculty development, curricular concerns and research. Should you have any questions, please contact Darren Stocker, President of the Jesuit Criminal Justice Educators' Association:

The Jesuit Criminal Justice Educators Association was established by Rev. Michael Kelliher, S.J. of Seattle University. The purpose was to provide a forum and rationale for the advancement of crime science and criminal justice education within the context of Jesuit education pedagogy. In addition, it was envisioned to serve as a forum for scholarly collaboration across the Jesuit institutions in regard to curriculum development, research and best practices.

From its outset, conference members voted to host the annual business meeting in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS - held in February or March each year) – offering a dual rationale for attendance. In this regard, the conference may be seen as a success – the longevity, collaboration, and networking is viewed as highly beneficial to the professional and programmatic development of all in attendance.

Over the past five years, members have specifically embraced the following areas:


  • What, if any, emphasis should be placed on Catholic social teaching in our curriculum?

  • Best practices to incorporate Jesuit pedagogy and academic rigor in online curriculum.

  • Is criminal justice at Jesuit institutions different than elsewhere? How do we know?

  • How to infuse social justice and/or ethics issues into criminal justice curricula.

Hiring for mission; engaging with adjunct faculty


Creating advisory boards

Holding bi-annual retreats


Chair: Darren Stocker, Saint Joseph's University

Next Conference

Annual Business Meeting:
Location: TBD [gathering will be held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences]
Dates: March 2020