Student Affairs Administrators (JASPA)

PresidentJeffrey Gray, Fordham University
Phone: (718) 817-4752
Next Executive Board Meeting
Location: Canisius College
Date: June 22-24, 2015

Below is the schedule of future JASPA and JASPA-affiliated meetings in 2015:
  • June 22-24, 2015: JASPA executive board meeting, Canisius College (JASPA board members welcome)
  • June 24-28, 2015: National Jesuit Student Leadership Conference (NJSLC), Canisius College
  • July 12-16, 2015: JASPA 5 Year Institute: A Way Forward: Bridges, Fault Lines & Creative Tensions in Jesuit Student Affairs, University of San Francisco (click here for more information)
  • November, 2015: AJCU/JASPA SSAO Meeting (Campus / Dates TBD)
The Jesuit Association of Student Affairs Administrators (JASPA) was originally founded in 1954 as the Conference of Jesuit Student Personnel Administrators (CJSPA). In the Fall of 1981, JASPA became the official name of the organization and JASPA continues today, as the original members of CJSPA intended, to work to promote the mission of Jesuit higher education. (Information courtesy of the JASPA website:

JASPA's members are the Jesuit institutions of higher education in the United States. The Senior Student Affairs Officers (SSAO) from each of the 28 AJCU institutions serve as the Board of Directors for JASPA and represent the student affairs perspective to AJCU and the member Presidents. 

The Board meets annually in the fall, while in the spring, the Board of Directors and the larger divisions gather right before the annual NASPA conference. NASPA (National Association of Student Personnel Administrators) is the leading association for the advancement, health and sustainability of the student affairs profession.

JASPA promotes excellence in: student development, leadership formation, student diversity, retention, career services, student transition, student life, wellness and student health, social justice, community service and service learning, athletics and recreation, multiculturalism and residential housing.

Quote of the week

"One of the key phrases capturing the charism of Ignatian spirituality is “to love and serve in all things.” Here lies the key to Jesuit higher education in the 21st century. For a Jesuit university should ask more of its students by challenging them to make Ignatius’ charge—his notion of service—their own."
Rev. Kevin P. Quinn, S.J., President, University of Scranton

Meet the AJCU President

On April 1, 2013, Rev. Michael J. Sheeran became president of the Association of Jesu...
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Federal Relations

AJCU Federal Relations Network is the lobbying arm of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities and comprised of at least one representative from each one of the twenty-eight Jesuit Colleges and Universities. The Network is kept up to date on an on-going basis by the Vice President for Federal Relations on all issues relating to Appropriations, budget, higher education authorization issues and taxes. The Network meets annually in September for a Legislative Conference and also participates in the Annual Committee for Education Funding Legislative Conference and Awards Dinner.
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AJCU Conferences

The 35+ Conferences sponsored by the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities (AJCU) are affinity groups within the AJCU Network. The Conferences provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, information and best practices; support the professional development of their members; and present opportunities for AJCU representatives to discuss opportunities and challenges in Jesuit higher education. Most of the AJCU Conference groups meet in person at least once a year, and many of them communicate regularly through an AJCU listserv.
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International Outreach

The member institutions of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities (AJCU) are committed to developing programs and partnerships that advance international education and support initiatives that advance global citizenship.
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