Attendees at the 2017 AJCU-CITM Conference at Seattle University (Photo courtesy of Christopher Van Liew, Seattle University)

Attendees at the 2017 AJCU-CITM Conference at Seattle University (Photo courtesy of Christopher Van Liew, Seattle University)

Conference Mission Statement: The Conference on IT Management (CITM) exists to promote the productive use of information technology on the member campuses and to facilitate collaboration between member institutions. The organization helps members to better understand and fulfill the proper role and function of computing, telecommunications and information services and technologies for teaching, learning and research within the Jesuit educational experience.

CITM was founded in 1983. The conference has a long history of successful meetings, inter-institutional collaborations, knowledge-sharing and networking. Jesuit institutions face common challenges and opportunities, therefore, CITM members routinely share information and best practices across institutional boundaries. This is facilitated by networking opportunities presented throughout the year via national conferences, webinars and other electronic communication channels, including the AJCU CITM listserv. CITM has also focused on achieving synergies and efficiencies based on collective AJCU purchasing opportunities, notably through national consortium pricing agreements and a new AJCU Technology Procurement Portal.

Information on the founding of CITM can be found on the new AJCU-CITM History Blog.

CITM includes several formal committees:

  • The Mentoring Committee provides AJCU member schools with an effective staff development resource for outstanding staff with leadership potential. The mentoring program offers these staff the opportunity to develop their skills and broaden their perspective on the issues and challenges facing information technology professionals.

  • The Collaboration Committee’s mission is to enhance the collaboration among member institutions and other AJCU-affiliated organizations by assessing their needs and evaluating, selecting and implementing appropriate collaborative tools.

  • The Technology, Teaching and Learning Committee focuses on course development, teaching and learning topics including Jesuit pedagogy, learning management systems and tools, and online education.

  • The Shared Services Committee assesses the shared services needs of schools and develops common strategies, services, hosting arrangements, and match-making opportunities among member institutions. Examples of successful shared services include several inter-institutional disaster recovery hosting agreements.

  • The Project Management Committee’s mission is to share knowledge and best practices focused on project and project portfolio management. This group has an additional goal of developing strategies for providing project management on complex cross-institutional initiatives.

  • The IT Security Committee’s mission is to help leverage the combined knowledge of technical teams across AJCU to help secure against the many challenges faced in higher education.

To access the CITM wiki, please click here.


President: Milos Topic,
Saint Peter's University

Vice President: Jagan Gudur,
Regis University

Secretary: David Hakanson,
Saint Louis University

Treasurer: Christopher Van Liew,
Seattle University

AUSJAL Liaison: Jim Burke,
John Carroll University

Next Conference

Dates: June 7-10, 2020
Location: Georgetown University

Future meeting locations: Loyola Marymount University (2021), College of the Holy Cross (2022)