The AJCU Career Service Leaders are an affinity group within the AJCU network of 28 Jesuit colleges and universities in the United States (a list of members in the affinity group can be found here). The group sponsors the Jesuit Career Center Consortium, a partnership of Jesuit university and college Career Centers through which students and recent alumni can receive a uniform set of services and assistance with internship and job searches from the Career Centers for all students and recent alums at the 28 Jesuit colleges and universities nationally.     
Basic Services Offered:

  1. Students and recent alumni from the 28 colleges and universities will have access to the job/internship listings from other Jesuit schools.
  2. Students and recent alumni will be able to attend all career fairs and other career events sponsored by the Career Centers at other Jesuit schools.
  3. Students and recent alumni will be able to attend job search and career workshops and seminars sponsored by the Career Center at most other Jesuit schools.    

Details & Instructions of Reciprocity:

  • Students/alums must make the reciprocity request through their home institution's Career Center.
  • Recent alumni are defined as 0-3 years out of school.
  • The reciprocal agreement will be for a six (6) month period of time.
  • The home institution should make the reciprocity request via e-mail to other institutions as per the guidelines set forth by each individual Career Center.
  • Students/alums will only be allowed to request reciprocity from one institution at a time.
  • There will be no cost to the student/alum for the three basic services listed above.  

Other Common Services: 

Beyond the three basic services listed above, the following are a number of additional career services that may be provided by many of the member institutions: 

  • Submission of a resume to the reciprocating school's database of active resumes
  • Resume critique of that resume
  • 15-30 minute counseling/job search session
  • Services for all alumni regardless of graduation date

NOTE: Many offices will continue to be more liberal with their services to reciprocity candidates by allowing them to make multiple counseling appointments, use services beyond six months, etc. There may be some modest fees charged by some of the Jesuit Career Centers for certain basic services listed above.