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The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2014

In 2013 sequestration went into effect, resulting in a 5 percent across the board cut to educational funding. The FY 2014 Consolidated Appropriations Act totals $1.012 trillion with education receiving a $1.59 billion increase, restoring most of the cuts from former sequestration but not restoring funding to its pre-sequestration levels. The breakdown of changes for the major higher education programs is as follows:

  • Pell Grants:  Increased by $100, Maximum Pell grant award of $5,730. 9.1 million students were Pell grant recipients, which has now grown to 9.3 million students. Appropriators added $1 million for a study by the Department of Education on the completion (graduation rates) of Pell grant students.
  •  Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant program, SEOG: Increased by $36.9 million for FY14, which helps restore cuts brought about by former sequestration.
  •  Federal Work Study, FWS: This program received an increase of $49 million for FY14, but does not fully fund restorations of the cuts made by sequestration.
  •  TRIO and GEARUP: Trio received an increase of $42 million and Gearup of $15 million
  •  International Education: Received an increase of $2 million, which is not enough to restore past cuts, but, is another small commitment to these programs.      

Pell Grant and Campus-based Aid Funding History

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