The 58 Jesuit colleges and universities in the Americas are home to academic researchers in many disciplines who share an Ignatian desire to learn about our world in order to make it a better place. This page has been designed to provide them with a space to share research and learn from each other's work, and a listserv has been created to facilitate communication for members online.

To join a research group, please contact the coordinator, whose name is listed in red on the member lists (see PDFs below). To join the listserv (, please contact AJCU's director of communications, Deanna Howes: A full list of subscribers to the listserv is available here as a PDF.

Inequality & Poverty

Mission: Promote research at Jesuit universities in Latin America on issues of poverty, exclusion and other conditions that produce inequality and social injustice in the region.  Develop, implement and evaluate a strategy and action plans that increases the influence of Jesuit universities on public policies in the countries of the region and of society in general.

Lines of Research

  1. Contribute to a better understanding of poverty in the region; strengthen the capacity of Jesuit universities, through a strong and cohesive network.
  2. Shape public opinion and influence the public policy agenda on reducing poverty.

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Mission: To develop a strong network among AUSJAL universities that addresses educational issues in Latin America; identifying actions that increase influence over educational policy in the countries of Latin America; promote research and pedagogy oriented towards improving overall educational quality; coordinate with other Jesuit educational networks, such as Fe y Alegria and FLASCO.

Lines of Research:

  1. Understanding the key components of youth cultures in order to develop effective youth formation/educational programming.
  2. Incorporating an Ignatian perspective and pedagogy in teacher education.
  3. Use distance learning and on-line technology to offer teacher training programs appropriate for Latin America.
  4. Formation of university faculty in ethics and values.

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Environment & Sustainability

Mission: Create opportunities for the development of projects and collaborative initiatives among Jesuit universities on environmental themes; address these issues within a global framework, from an interdisciplinary and Latin American perspective, with an understanding of our responsibility to promote environmental sustainability, as well as the integral human development of every person. 

Lines of Research:

  1. Education that reflects the best thinking on environmental issues.
  2. Research on environmental sustainability.
  3. Inform the public on environmental issues.

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Human Rights

Mission: Contribute to improving human rights in Latin America and the Caribbean through academic programs specifically designed to prepare professionals in the area of human rights. 

Major Emphasis: Educational programming on human rights in Latin America.

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Academics who study issues related to migration.

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Amazon / Conservation Research

Academics who study issues related to the Amazon, the environment, anthropology and ethnography.

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