The Jesuit Conference on Rhetoric & Composition: Transforming Eloquentia Perfecta for the 21st Century

How can we re-imagine and renew a 500-year-old tradition in our digitally mediated, multi-cultural, globally connected age? The Jesuit Conference on Rhetoric and Composition comes together to answer this question through “nuestro modo de proceder.”


The Afterlife of Words: Reflections from Spring Hill

In the Ratio Studiorum, Eloquentia Perfecta develops in time, according to a predetermined series of steps meant to ensure sequential mastery. Andrew Tumminia, a Jesuit-educated English professor at Spring Hill College, examines this concept in an analysis of French Jesuit Rev. Michel de Certeau, S.J.


Moving Writing Forward at Le Moyne College

Good writers see writing as a process of sifting through and even wrestling with competing ideas, formulating and organizing their own thoughts, and sharing them with others in a way that is clear, persuasive and respectful. At Le Moyne College, it is the goal of faculty to nurture writers who can do just that.


Apprentice House Press Offers Real-World Publishing Experience for Loyola Maryland Students

At Loyola University Maryland, students have the unique opportunity to help new authors bring their books to life through the nation's first entirely student-managed book publishing house.

Eloquentia Perfecta and Rhetorical Flexibility at Seattle University

At Seattle University, faculty rarely use the label Eloquentia Perfecta. Instead, they speak of “rhetorical flexibility”: the ability to thoughtfully adapt messages to different topics, situations, audiences and purposes.


Embracing the Power of Public Speaking at Rockhurst University

For many adults, the mere idea of speaking in front of an audience is enough to cause anxiety. But for students at Rockhurst University, public speaking is not just a pre-requisite. It’s a competition — a decades-old, extemporaneous rhetorical “Thunderdome” called the Robert W. Miller Speech Contest.


Re-Envisioning Rhetoric at the University of San Francisco

When the University of San Francisco began re-envisioning its course curriculum in 2014, faculty decided to highlight Eloquentia Perfecta as a key element of the new 3-course sequence. A backbone of Jesuit education, Eloquentia Perfecta became a means to unify the department’s composition and public speaking courses.


A Rebirth of Eloquentia Perfecta at Spring

At the University of Scranton, students and faculty have much to look forward to every spring, including the return of a renowned campus tradition: a recitation of Plato’s togas.


Writing Without Borders: Holy Cross Writing Center Brings Eloquentia Perfecta to Every Corner of the College

There is no required ‘Intro to Writing’ class at the College of the Holy Cross. No Academic Writing seminar. No ‘How to Write the College Essay 101.’ How then does the Holy Cross expect to turn out good writers? The answer can be found in 'Cell Biology 266.'


At Canisius College, Students Write to Learn About Themselves ̶ And Show Care for Others

An element of Jesuit rhetoric, Eloquentia Perfecta revolves around cultivating a person as a whole, as one learns to speak, write and communicate effectively for the common good. To that end, the new Writing Center at Canisius College offers students help with writing at any stage of the writing process in any discipline.



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